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Who We Serve


New Builds

Humboldt Co-op Liquor Store

Tenant Fit-Up

Liberty Kitchen Saskatoon

Structural Repairs

Allan Pool

Building Envelope

Evergreen Estates


RUH Sterilizer Replacement


Thomson Residence

Our Values

Superior Workmanship

Renowned for meticulous attention to detail, CandorBuild delivers unparalleled workmanship. Each project exemplifies superior quality, precision, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of construction.

Clear Communication

CandorBuild prioritizes clear, concise communication, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout every project phase, fostering trust and transparency for seamless project execution and client satisfaction

Team Empowerment

We invest ernestly in employee training, prioritizing skill enhancement and personal growth, fostering a culture of empowerment, expertise, and continuous development for superior project execution

Our History

We're committed to building an organization that stands the test of time.

  • 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings.

    Founded in 2014 by Clayton Connell, CandorBuild Construction embodies honesty and integrity, revolutionizing the construction industry with a true commitment to authenticity and ethical business practices.

  • Today

    Honesty Thrives

    Rapidly expanding over a few years, CandorBuild Construction now boasts a dedicated team of over 30, steadfastly upholding the founders vision of integrity and quality in every project.

Our Leadership Team

Solid Teams, Solid Outcomes

Clayton Connell

Chief Executive Officer

Rylan Badduke

Office Manager

Kyle MacDonald

Project Manager

Emily Quinney

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Pitcher

Project Manager

Jarrid Dowhay


Founded in 2015 by Clayton, Candorbuild boasts a team of exceptional professionals committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, delivering outstanding results in every project